Former Chicago Mercantile Exchange Clearing Committee Chairman, Founder of Lind-Waldock & Co. and Commodity Futures Hall of Fame Inaugural Member;

I owned and operated a clearing firm with over 1,000 employees for 35 years. I believe my firm catered to more individual futures traders than any other clearing firm in the world and we serviced some of the largest institutional customers in the business.

For the first time in years I feel like I am at a brokerage firm that meets my expectations of service. It’s not a coincidence many of the Straits Financial employees started their careers at Lind-Waldock and many of them worked for me for decades.

To me Straits is filling the niche in customer service that, sadly, seems to have degraded as electronic trading has become more prevalent. In my experience, the staff at Straits Financial is extremely competent and efficient.

This is why I have chosen Straits Financial as my only firm for futures. They have earned it!