Trade Execution & OTC Brokerage


With technology being the forefront of the futures industry, it is important that our clients can choose from a list of trading platforms that is best suited to their specific trading styles and requirements. Whether you are representing financial institutions, commercial hedgers, trade houses or an individual interest, Straits Financial offers a variety of trading platforms with each presenting their own unique features. Clients can expect 24-hour trading access, real-time quotes, charting capabilities, and marked-to-market account information.


Our 24-hour Execution Desk is available to provide support for orders placed through one of our many electronic platforms.


Straits Financial Services Pte Ltd ("SFSPL") is also an approved Inter-Dealer Broker (IDB). We provide intermediary services to empower best transactions between buy and sell sides for both OTC and exchange-cleared products. We provide both standardized and bilateral agreements, with a strong focus on OTC Swaps, across a suite of products from bulk commodities, energy markets and forward freight agreements.

In 2015, SFSPL cleared between 15-20% of the Iron Ore markets on SGX which is the market leader for Iron Ore derivatives.

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