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Commodities are the basic building blocks of the global economy and an essential aspect of living dependency. Commodity futures are derivative products of natural resources traded on dedicated futures exchanges globally.

In the last two decades, financial headlines witnessed the commodities super cycle of the rise and fall in prices of many commodity classes - agricultural, base, precious metals and energy products. To a good extent, these were primarily driven by emerging markets of the BRICs; in particular, China. Its insatiable appetite for economic expansion and market liberalization has placed Asia at the forefront. Over the years, the trading of physical commodities and its derivatives in Asia has increased multi-folds. It has now become a true market for futures traders to diversify their portfolio risk. Many futures contracts in Asia have volumes that rival or exceed established western markets.

With a strong presence and understanding of the Asian markets, the team at Straits Financial brings forth localized perspectives with global access. Our goal at Straits Financial is to give our clientele the highest level of service, technology and access to a wide range of exchanges and products globally to meet their diverse trading needs. 

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Why Choose Straits Financial Services to execute and clear Futures & Options

  • Receive full support from our Singapore-based Dealing Team with round-the-clock coverage
  • Benefit from our localized knowledge of the Asian and global markets.
  • Trade a full suite of derivative products from agriculture, precious & base metals, oil & energy and bulk.*
  • Trade spreads and strategies; algorithmic customisation are also available through our proprietary or 3rd party electronic trading platforms.*
  • DMA for speed, efficiency and best execution through dedicated lease lines.
  • Sophisticated risk management tools to support your trading activities.
  • Segregated client accounts at highly capitalized banks and counterparties.
  • Research reports are available upon request or subscription. 

* May be offered through various entities.  

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