Straits MESA

The Straits MESA trading platform software provides accurate real-time and historical data features, multiple order entry tools, including trading through the charts, unlimited simulation, complete and customizable charting indicators and drawing tools.

Innovative Order Entry

Trading Through the Charts - Trade by clicking on the price bars or candle sticks to enter and manage trades.

Trading Through the Trade Windows - Choose from classic and "3.x" trade windows. Trade windows offer trading the market depth and highlight the bid/ask spread.

Complete Charting Package

Unlimited charts included - Straits MESA includes unlimited charts in any increment for any electronic market.

Customizable Charts - Any time, tick, volume, or range-bar based interval and can include any indicator. Charts are highly customizable, flexible, user-friendly and include a diverse set of educator charts available.

Order Strategies

Automatic Order Strategies - Pre-define your money management strategy to enforce consistency and discipline for your trading methodology.

Unlimited Number of Strategies - Users can create unlimited entry and exit strategies that trigger upon an event, such as a fill or mouse click.

Market Replay

Replay the Markets - Market replay allows you to sim-trade recorded market data. Replay the markets in real time or speed up the replay for back-testing strategies.

Trader Collaboration

Trade with Friends or Colleagues - Share your current position status, working orders and profit and loss, all in real time.

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