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1.  Submit your Application

Applying for a Straits Account is easy. Simply fill out the Application Forms, review the relevant legal documents and submit electronically.

Download Institutional/Corporate account
Download Individual/Joint/IRA/Trust/Partnership account

Additional languages:
Spanish (Individual/Joint/Institutional)
Chinese (Mandarin) (Individual/Joint)
Chinese(Mandarin) (Institutional)

2.  Send us supportive documentation

Once you have submitted your application, we ask that you provide us with supportive documentation, verifying your identity and address. We recommend that you submit the documents electronically to ensure the quickest processing.

3.  Fund your account and start trading

When we have verified your application form and supportive documentation, your account is ready for funding. This will normally happen within 48 hours. For detailed funding options, please see here

Contact our Straits Customer Service at email accounts@straitsfinancial.com or Telephone +1.312.906.7937 to speak with our Straits representative about opening an account.


DISCLAIMER : Trading commodity futures and options products present a high degree of risk and losses in excess of your initial investment may occur. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Please contact your account representative with any concerns or questions.


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